Monolith M1570 | Open Back Design | Professional Studio Headphones

Monolith M1570 Over Ear Open Back Balanced Planar Headphones, With Plush, Padded Headband, Removable Earpads, Low Distortion by Monoprice
Monolith M1570 Over Ear Open Back Balanced Planar Headphones, With Plush, Padded Headband, Removable Earpads, Low Distortion by Monoprice
Monolith M1570 Over Ear Open Back Balanced Planar Headphones, With Plush, Padded Headband, Removable Earpads, Low Distortion by Monoprice
Monolith M1570 Over Ear Open Back Balanced Planar Headphones, With Plush, Padded Headband, Removable Earpads, Low Distortion by Monoprice
Monolith M1570 Over Ear Open Back Balanced Planar Headphones, With Plush, Padded Headband, Removable Earpads, Low Distortion by Monoprice

Monolith M1570 | Open Back Design | Professional Studio Headphones

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  • Revolutionary Magnetic Field Symmetry Driver
  • Open-back design for centred sound
  • Frequency Response : 5Hz ~ 50kHz
  • High wearing comfort thanks to an ergonomic design
  • Customisable ear cups
  • Low stock - 10 item left
  • Inventory on the way
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100% sound width, 0% distortion. 

An audio pioneer with an airy design. 

Top-notch comfort for hours of sessions. 

Frequency Response

5Hz - 50kHz

Maximum SPL



60 Ohms



StyleOpen Back
Transducer TypePlanar Magnetic
Magnetic StructureLinear Symmetry Magnets
Magnet TypeSymmetric Push‑Pull Neodymium
Driver Size106mm
Maximum Power Handling5W (for 200ms)
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency Response5Hz ~ 50kHz
Total Harmonic DistortionLess than 0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance60 ohms
Efficiency96dB / 1mW
Optimal Power Requirement200mW ‑ 4W
Weight24.7 oz. (700g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rolf Ivarsson

Very good pairing with Monolith THX 887 amp. Silk smoth sound and a good allrounder.


Die Kopfhörer sehen gut aus aber sind es leider nicht.
Der Mitgelieferte Adapter funktioniert nicht und der Sound ist verbuggt.
Für 600€ ist das absoluter 🗑️

Best Headphone for the money hands down.

I've heard many headphones before, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic and mainly Hifiman.
The best for me so far was the Hifiman Arya V3, but for roughly 1400€ its way to expensive.
The M1570 on the other hand is on par if not better than the Arya V3.
Im using eq with leather earpads and these just sound like heaven. Timbre is awesome, dynamics and tone curve is perfect. It rumbles like crazy with eq.
Soundstage is top notch. If you can get these with a rebate its a no brainer, just buy it. Why did i never try these....
There is one problem tho with these and that is the weight. Its a chonker of a headphone and you can fell the weight on your head. For many that is off putting, but if you can get over the weight, its in the league of many highend headphones.

If you can Monoprice, please create a slim version of these.

Martin Jordan
5 stars to Monoprice & the Monolith m1570

The Background:
Due to extreme difficulty finding a replacement set for my faulty m1070's - probably due to shipping problems from China, delays caused by the Suez canal blockage, the Ukrainian war, or distribution gremlins - Monoprice Europe offered me a pair m1570's for free or a full refund.
What can I say? I jumped at the m1570's.
Now that's 5 star customer service in my opinion Thank you Amir and all at Monoprice.
My Review:
While they worked, I loved the Monolith m1070's. They were my first magnetic planars and quite simply a revelation. They cost me €359.99 and until the left ear jack broke were worth every penny.
So how do my Monolith m1570's compare?
Firstly the Monolith m1570's are Monoprice's flagship magnetic planars retailing for €599.99, nearly double the price of the m1070's.
Obvious question - are they twice as good?
Well yes and no, depending on your preferences when it comes to headphones.
Sonically they are better, having a fuller sound and unbelievable soundstage.
If sound is your thing these m1570 are quite incredible. Most reviews on the internet agree.
I am running the m1570's through Roon using it's DSP Parametric Equalizer, with a 9 band set-up specifically designed for the m1570 with the velour pads. BTW as with the m1070 they come with two sets of pad - lambskin or velour.
When they worked I found the m1070 wonderful but being my first magnetic planers I really had nothing to compare them to. What I really liked about them was, despite their size, the sound was "intimate".
The m1570 were less "intimate" probably because of the fact I was hearinging much more of everything, but when I use the equalizer the intimacy returns, sacrificing none of the added weight and detail. Now I have the intimacy but wider soundstage and more bass and body.
BTW Although the m1570's sound great out of the box, it seems to me that EVERY headphone, whatever the cost, can be improved in some way by equalizing!!
See: for an EQ setting for every headphone ever made.
It would be remiss of me not to mention the weight - everyone else has.
Simply stated the elephant in the room is that these m1570's are VERY HEAVY.
In fact (and speaking of elephants), it's like having a baby elephant strapped to your head. Saying that, once they are on, they are not uncomfortable, but if weight is an issue
for you then I would opt for the m1070's and also, EQing the m1070's may get them close to the m1570's.
The m1570 are better made than the m1070 - I hope. They feel solid and look the part.
But for me it's the SOUND.
Even without EQ the m1570's are terrific for the price.
With EQ they are out of this world for the price.
5 stars for Monoprice customer service.
5 stars for the Monolith m1570's
PS Maybe for the next iteration of these cans Monoprice will do something about the weight! I think it may be that a redesigned headband is required. Leave the drivers alone.
M Jordan, Naas, Ireland

Martin J
m1570 open back wonders

In January I treated myself to a pair of m1070’s, my first planar magnetic headphones. For two weeks I adored them. With the velour pads fitted they were open, detailed and strangely intimate. I was amazed and felt justified in my €359.99 spend. Then suddenly the left channel stopped working. A poor connection. When I pulled out the jack the whole housing came with it. My 1070’s were shot.
I got onto Monoprice. They offered a full refund or replacement. I went for the latter as I figured I’d just been unlucky with my pair. Monoprice warned me that there would be a long wait as there was none in stock. I told them I was prepared to wait.
January became February, became March, became April. Still no 1070’s in stock. Go figure!?!
Monoprice again offered a full refund. I was tempted but also angry. I wrote a strongly worded email about how disappointed I was and how I felt let down by Monoprice. Then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They would replace my 1070’s with a pair of 1570’s at no extra cost. And they did!
How's that for customer service? Top marks to Monoprice.
As for the m1570’s.
Well yes they are heavy but despite that they are comfortable. I’ve swapped the lamb skin for the velour pads again. I am a young 60 year old but my hearing needs a little help in the higher bands and the velour pads help here.
Are they better than the m1070’s?
Wells yes and not so sure. The m1570’s are more detailed and the soundstage is definitely wider, but for me a little bit of the intimacy of the m1070’s has been sacrificed. It’s a minor and subjective thing.
And to be fair, as I got my pair for €359.99 I have little to complain about. If these guys hold out I will keep them for years.
Five stars to Monoprice. Special thank you to Amir at customer service and five stars to both the m1070’s and the m1570’s.
Two super products from one super company.
Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland