Extension Cord - IEC 60320 C14 to IEC 60320 C13 | 18AWG | 10A/1250W | 3-Prong | SJT
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Extension Cord - IEC 60320 C14 to IEC 60320 C13 | 18AWG | 10A/1250W | 3-Prong | SJT

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Save an AC power outlet by connecting your computer monitor to the computer power supply or extend a cable with an IEC 60320 C13 connector on one end!

This cable features a female IEC 60320 C13 connector on one end and a male IEC 60320 C14 plug on the other end. Simply mate the male C14 connector to another cable with a female C13 connector. Alternatively, mate the male C14 connector to the C13 panel connector on a computer power supply then mate the female C13 connector to a male C14 connector on a monitor or monitor AC power adapter.


  • Female IEC 60320 C13 connector to male IEC 60320 C14 plug.
  • Connect or extend devices, such as computers, large servers, and laser printers to a PDU
  • It can replace or upgrade the standard power cord provided by the device's manufacturer
  • Colored cord is designed for easy identification in a high-density data environment

Plug Type IEC 60320 C14
Receptacle Type IEC 60320 C13
Jacket Material SVT, SJT
# of Conductors 3
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Maximum Current 10 amps
Certifications UL®, cUL, CSA®, RoHS

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